Submission due dates:  
  At present, we’ve changed our publication schedule to once per year.  (If, at a later time, the rate of submissions increases, we may again attempt a biyearly publication schedule.)
Submission Guidelines:  
  Author eligibility – The first author must be an undergraduate student or an alumnus who graduated no more than 2 years before the manuscript is submitted to JUEMP. There are no limitations placed on the co-authors, such that co-authors may be non-students, undergraduate students, alumni, graduate students, faculty, or community members. Specific submission guidelines are provided below.
  Blind review – manuscripts submitted to JUEMP for review will be reviewed using a blind review process and SafeAssign. JUEMP utilizes SafeAssign to help ensure integrity.
  Types of research accepted – JUEMP accepts empirical or theoretical research that falls within the content scope of the journal. All work must be original, conducted under a faculty supervisor, and not previously published.
Format and Length  
  All submissions must be formatted as Microsoft Word documents (.doc) and prepared using guidelines from the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual. For more information, please reference the manual or the Purdue Owl website as it is an excellent resource that provides helpful examples.

JUEMP will consider two types of submissions:

  1. Empirical Research Paper (25 pages or less):
    • This type of submission should follow the classic format of an empirical psychology journal article, with an abstract, introduction, methods, results, and discussion sections.
  2. Short Report (10 pages or less):
    • This type of submission is expected to present new and innovative empirical research in a concise format.

Submissions should include 3 separate files 

Submission Process: How do I submit?
Email 3 files to

File #1 should contain a cover page that includes the following information:

  • Type of submission: (empirical research paper or short report)
  • Title:
  • All authors’ names:
  • School affiliation(s):
  • Mailing address of the corresponding authour:
  • E-mail address of the corresponding authour:
  • Short biographical paragraphs of each author:
  • Research Conducted Under (Name of Faculty Supervisor)
  • Acknowledgments:
  • Manuscript submission date:

File #2 should contain the manuscript with the following sections, in APA format: (*Note: please do NOT include your name or identifying information anywhere in the manuscript document)

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendix, including figures, graphs, etc. (as necessary)

File #3 should contain a signed (type your name on the word document) JUEMP_SubmissionandApplicationWaiver document.

In the text of your email, please state the following 3 things:

1) the topic of the paper

2) that the paper is unpublished and not under review by any other journal

3) that any research involving human subjects was conducted ethically, under the supervision of a faculty advisor, and with Human Subjects Review Board approval

  Email the editorial staff at

*The following language is adapted, in part, from that used by the Yale Review of Undergraduate Research in Psychology.