Volume 2


We are delighted to present Volume 2 of The Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology (JUEMP).   This 33-page volume features student-authoured work from the University College of Maastricht, Netherlands, and Alabama State University. The following people volunteered as professional reviewers for this volume:

Reviewer Affiliation
Dr. Esenc Balam Alabama State University
Dr. Darlene Colson Norfolk State University
Dr. Earnestine Duncan Norfolk State University
Dr. Kavon Franklin Alabama State University
Mr. Shantay Mines United States Department of Veterans Affairs
Dr. Marcia Rossi Alabama State University

The goal of JUEMP is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers that are first-authoured by undergraduate students. Please know that co-authours may be students or non-students (e.g., faculty, community members, etc.). We encourage and invite you to submit, either individually or collaboratively, your manuscripts for consideration. Best wishes and thank you in advance for your interest and contribution to The Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology.


Dr. D. Lisa Cothran, Editor

Volume 2

Stockmayer-Behr, C. (2016). The White Ceiling: Why well-educated, assimilated Other Germans are still not fully recognized as equal German citizens. Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2, 1-13. (link to pdf file: Stockmayer-Behr_JUEMP_2016)

Clark, J., Glover, K., McClain, D., Steele, M., Jemison, D., Brantley, A., Brockton, M., Goins, J., Flanigan, A., Mitchell, T., Wilcox, J., & Emanuel, R. (2016). An Analysis of Violent and Sexual Content in Hip Hop Music Videos. Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2, 14-20. (link to pdf file: Clark_et_al_JUEMP_2016)

Knight-McCord, J., Cleary, D., Grant, N., Herron, A., Jumbo, S., Lacey, T., Livingston, T., Robinson, S., Smith, R., & Emanuel, R. (2016). What social media sites do college students use most? Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2, 21-26. (link to pdf file: Knight-McCord_et al_JUEMP_2016)

Tucker, K., Morgan, B.J., Oliver, I., Kirk, O., Moore, K., Irving, D., Sizemore, D., Turner, W., & Emanuel, R. (2016). Perceptions of College Student-Athletes. Journal of Undergraduate Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2, 27-33. (link to pdf file: Tucker_et al_JUEMP_2016)